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Our aim is to offer a complete, caring and professional service to the bereaved. Services available:

• Comprehensive arrangements for burial and cremation
• Advice and help regarding all necessary documentation
• Intimations in local and national newspapers
• Mourning cars, hearses
• Ordering and listing of funeral flowers / tributes
• Printing of funeral stationary
• Booking of post funeral catering
• Repatriation of Deceased persons both nationally and internationally
• Supply of quality memorials
• A choice of Funeral Plans

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How do I purchase a plan?

Purchasing your plan is easy. Contact us to receive details of our fixed price plans and order form. Remember our Funeral Directors or alternatively Funeral Planning Services are there to help you every step of the way. If you wish to personalise your arrangements you should contact us and we can arrange to meet you either in your own home or at one of our offices to discuss the options available and the costs involved. Most people choose to make a single payment but, if you wish to pay by instalments, this option is available. Your plan documents will be sent to you within a few days of receipt of order. Your money will be paid directly to Funeral Planning Trust, with HSBC Trust Company Ltd as custodian trustee giving you absolute security.

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How much does it cost?

Naturally this will depend on the type of service you want. You can choose from one of our fixed price package plans, or alternatively, you can personalise your arrangements to suit your individual requirements, where the price you pay is today's price for the funeral. Either way, you will know the total cost before you make any commitment.

Will a Funeral Director call on me?

No. You can contact us to receive a brochure and price list without obligation. At your request, an experienced Funeral Director will be happy to talk things over in your own home, or if you prefer, you can call in to one of our funeral homes to discuss the options.

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Can I make special requests for my funeral?

Yes. If you have any favourite hymns, readings, music or other requests for your funeral, please just tell your Funeral Director, who will ensure your wishes are carried out.

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How do I know my money will be safe?

We will ask you to make your cheques payable to Funeral Planning Trust, which is independent of any Funeral Director's accounts, to be held and invested by the Managing Trustees in accordance with the trust deed. HSBC Trust Company Ltd is the Custodian Trustee of the Funeral Planning trust. Funeral Planning Services Ltd, a national company specialising in prepaid funeral plans and a member of the National Association for Pre-Paid Funeral Plans, administers the plans. The Fairways Funeral Plan is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority and is bound by the code of practise for funeral prepayment plans.

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What if funeral prices increase?

As with all things, funeral prices tend to rise but, once you have paid for the services itemised in your plan, you and your family will not be asked to pay more at the time of need, whenever that is in the future.

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Will there be any other costs at the time of the funeral?

Each plan covers all the main funeral expenses, including "disbursements" as specified, for example the cost of cremation or a contribution to the cost of a burial. Most people leave a few items, such as flowers and press notices, for their family to take care of.

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How about an insurance policy as an alternative to a Funeral Plan?

With an insurance policy, your family have to pay for the funeral at the prevailing price when you die and then they hope the amount they get back will cover the cost. Also, it can often take several months for insurance companies to settle a claim. With our guaranteed Funeral Plan your funeral is already paid for - a much more practical solution.

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What about VAT?

Funerals are currently exempt from VAT, so you don't have to pay VAT on your plan.

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What if I move to a different area?

You can transfer your plan to another selected Funeral Director.

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Can I purchase a plan for someone else?


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How will my family know what to do when I die?

You will need to tell your family that you have purchased a Funeral Plan and where you keep the documents. Full instructions will be sent to you with your plan documents.

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Suppose I don't have a family?

Please make sure your doctor, solicitor or other responsible person knows you have purchased a Funeral Plan and where you keep the documents.

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What if I change my mind later?

Once you have purchased your plan, you will probably want to forget all about it. However, if you have any second thoughts, please feel free to discuss them with us and we can make any changes you require. Your wishes are what count and it is our aim to ensure that your Funeral Plan is right for you. If at any time you wish to cancel your plan, simply return your documents to your Funeral Director or to Funeral Planning Services.

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What if I have additional questions?

Please speak with your Funeral Director or Funeral Planning Services. Please remember we are here to help you, and when the time comes, we will be here to help those you leave behind.

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